Advantages of Digital Photography

Digital photography has been growing by leaps and bounds. It’s pretty easy to see why. Great quality, no more film, and ease of doing photo editing has really paved the way. Here’s some advantages of digital photography. It’s not all roses though, some disadvantages have arisen but I think the advantages far outweigh any disadvantages. A lot of what people complain about with editing digital photos is what looks like the quality, this is not the case as sometimes it is the computer displays for photography that are the issue. High quality monitors are great to have and you can really tell a difference in the quality.

Picture quality

With today’s cameras, the picture quality of digital cameras are just as good if not better than film cameras. A few years ago this wasn’t the case but as today’s cameras get better and better they will surpass film. The image quality depends on the resolution of the camera as well as lighting and shutter speed.

No waiting

With the digital camera you don’t have to wait for the picture to be developed. You now have instant access to it once you take the picture. To me this is probably the best advantage and is the reason why many people choose digital cameras. This also helps professional photographers as well since they know what their photos look like instantly. This is also important for finding the best laptop for graphic design.


With digital photos editing becomes fairly easy with programs like Photoshop. You can do any type of change you want with a few button presses and it really is amazing compared to the editing process in the past. If you know you will be doing a lot of editing then finding a computer is important, here’s a nice list of the best photography laptop reviews 2014. If you are more into desktops then here’s the top computer for photographers.


Digital pictures are much, much easier to share as well. This combined with instant photos makes places like Facebook very image heavy. Just think, you take out your phone to snap a quick picture of something and hit a button to share it with your friends.

Save Money

While digital cameras can seem expensive, they really are not that bad at all. Just think with the digital camera almost all the cost is upfront when you purchase the camera. Now you do need some hard drive space to store pictures but the cost of that is so low it’s almost non-existant. Compare that with the cost of film and having to buy film all the time. You also avoid having to develop the pictures like you would if they were on film.

Today’s digital society has been a great way and continues to grow. It wasn’t that long ago that digital cameras were crazy devices from the future. Now we are getting to the point where we view film cameras the same way we view VHS tapes. I’m sure film won’t die completely but it will probably just stick around for people as a hobby.

Top 5 Reasons To Buy A Fountain Pen

Handwriting, over time, has become a dying breed. We now rely on typing and have just about everything digitized. So with this changing landscape, why would anyone want to buy a fountain pen? It’s not something that’s easy to answer but I will give it a shot.

Have you ever written with a fountain pen? A lot of people haven’t and they don’t know what they are missing. Fountain pens can be easier to write with instead of the ballpoint pen, which you are probably more familiar with. Pressure isn’t needed for the ink to flow onto the paper. The quality of fountain pens can also be very different depending on the pen, you might want to see some reviews of fountain pens before choosing one for yourself.

Fountain pens are highly, highly collectible. If you are new to the world of pens then you don’t know the rarity of some pens. Fountain pens can typically range from a few hundred dollars to many thousand dollars. Manufacturers help this by making many limited edition pens.

So, you want to invest some money into collectibles? Fountain pens can be the way to go. This hobby has really grown over the past few years and will continue to. The craftsmanship that goes into a fountain pen can be stellar and a work of art. A good example of this can be seen in one of the new Sheaffer Taranis pen, it has a very unique styling that makes it extremely impressive to look at and use.

Tired of having a pen that looks just like everyone elses? Fountain pens can be a great way to reflect your personality. The diversity of fountain pens is pretty insane. There are many different makes, models, manufacturers, and heck, even different filling mechanisms. Want to stand out from the rest? Use a fountain pen.

Fountain pens can also help your health. It seems a bit shocking but after reading why it makes perfect sense. Some doctors have said that the muscles used in holding a fountain pen can help release tension on your heart. This is due to how the ink flows from the pen and doesn’t require pressure. Also if you like to write and have problems with arthritis then trying a fountain pen should be a great experience.

Finally, tradition is a great reason to buy a fountain pen. Sometimes in today’s world we forget some classic art forms that have existed for many generations before. Getting to know these classic art forms can be a great experience. It can also be a great bonding experience with parents and grandparents that may enjoy the process. Don’t forget the benefits of learning something new.

I’m hoping that this article helped convince you to try out a fountain pen. It really is in a different league of writing. Let’s bring handwriting back to the front instead of it being a dying breed.